Diamond Control Suite 3.0

Class FunctionFactory

  extended by diamondedge.swing.grid.FunctionFactory

public class FunctionFactory
extends Object

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void registerFunction(String fnName, Class cls, String methName)
          Registers a new function that can be used in any formula.
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Constructor Detail


public FunctionFactory()
Method Detail


public static void registerFunction(String fnName,
                                    Class cls,
                                    String methName)
Registers a new function that can be used in any formula. The method needs to be a "public static" method defined on the given class.

fnName - name to be used inside a function
cls - Java class that the implementation is defined in
methName - name of Java method in the class that implements the function

Diamond Control Suite 3.0

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