Diamond Control Suite 3.0

Constant Field Values


public static final int ALIGN_DEFAULT 136
public static final int ROTATE_0 256
public static final int ROTATE_270 768
public static final int ROTATE_90 512
public static final int ROTATE_DEFAULT 0

public static final int ACCOUNTING 48
public static final int ALL 3
public static final int ASCENDING 2
public static final int ASCENDING_CASE 6
public static final int BORDER_BOTTOM 262144
public static final int BORDER_LEFT 131072
public static final int BORDER_NONE 0
public static final int BORDER_OUTLINE 983040
public static final int BORDER_RIGHT 524288
public static final int BORDER_TOP 65536
public static final int CROSS_LINES 12
public static final int DASH 3
public static final int DASH_DOT 5
public static final int DASH_DOT_DOT 6
public static final int DEFAULT 0
public static final int DESCENDING 3
public static final int DESCENDING_CASE 7
public static final int DIAGONAL_CROSS_LINES 48
public static final int DOT 4
public static final int DOUBLE 32
public static final int DOUBLE_LINE 7
public static final int DOWNWARD_DIAGONAL_LINES 16
public static final int ETCHED 10
public static final int ETCHED_RAISED 11
public static final int FALSE 1
public static final int FIND_ALL 256
public static final int FIND_EQUALS 3
public static final int FIND_GT 6
public static final int FIND_GTE 4
public static final int FIND_LT 7
public static final int FIND_LTE 5
public static final int FIND_NE 8
public static final int FIND_PREFIX 1
public static final int FIND_REGEX 2
public static final int FIND_STRING 0
public static final int FIRST 2
public static final int FLAT 1
public static final int GRID_DASH 12
public static final int GRID_DASH_DOT 14
public static final int GRID_DASH_DOT_DOT 15
public static final int GRID_DOT 13
public static final int GRID_LINE 11
public static final int HIGHLIGHT_SELECTION_ALWAYS 1
public static final int HIGHLIGHT_SELECTION_NEVER 0
public static final int HIGHLIGHT_SELECTION_WITH_FOCUS 2
public static final int HORIZONTAL_LINES 8
public static final int LOWERED 8
public static final int LOWERED_LIGHT 10
public static final int NONE 1
public static final int RAISED 9
public static final int RAISED_LIGHT 11
public static final int SELECT_CELL 1
public static final int SELECT_NONE 0
public static final int SELECT_ROW 2
public static final int SINGLE 16
public static final int SINGLE_LINE 2
public static final int SOLID 2
public static final int STRETCH 45
public static final int TILE 44
public static final int TRANSPARENT 1
public static final int TRUE 2
public static final int UPWARD_DIAGONAL_LINES 32
public static final int VERTICAL_LINES 4

public static final int CUSTOM_FORMAT 8
public static final int FULL_DATE 3
public static final int FULL_DATE_TIME 7
public static final int LONG_DATE 2
public static final int LONG_DATE_TIME 6
public static final int MEDIUM_DATE 1
public static final int MEDIUM_DATE_TIME 5
public static final int SHORT_DATE 0
public static final int SHORT_DATE_TIME 4

public static final int DETAILS 3
public static final int FIND_CELL 1
public static final int FIND_DATA 2
public static final int FIND_LABEL 0
public static final int FIND_PARTIAL 1
public static final int FIND_WHOLE 0
public static final int LARGE_ICON 0
public static final int LIST 2
public static final int SMALL_ICON 1

public static final int CIRCLE 3
public static final int OVAL 2
public static final int RECTANGLE 0
public static final int ROUNDED_RECTANGLE 4
public static final int ROUNDED_SQUARE 5
public static final int SQUARE 1

public static final int CLOSE_EVENT 4
public static final int CLOSED 0
public static final int CLOSING 8
public static final int CONNECT_EVENT 2
public static final int CONNECTED 7
public static final int CONNECTING 6
public static final int CONNECTION_PENDING 3
public static final int CONNECTION_REQUEST_EVENT 3
public static final int DATA_ARRIVAL_EVENT 1
public static final int ERROR 9
public static final int ERROR_EVENT 0
public static final int HOST_RESOLVED 5
public static final int LISTENING 2
public static final int OPEN 1
public static final int RESOLVING_HOST 4
public static final int SEND_COMPLETE_EVENT 6
public static final int SEND_PROGRESS_EVENT 5
public static final int TCP_PROTOCOL 0
public static final int UDP_PROTOCOL 1

public static final int CIRCLE 7
public static final int DOUBLE_LEFT_ARROW 9
public static final int DOUBLE_LINE 5
public static final int DOUBLE_RIGHT_ARROW 8
public static final int DOWN_ARROW 11
public static final int LEFT_ARROW 0
public static final int LEFT_ARROW_LINE 1
public static final int MINUS 13
public static final int PLUS 12
public static final int RIGHT_ARROW 2
public static final int RIGHT_ARROW_ASTERISK 4
public static final int RIGHT_ARROW_LINE 3
public static final int SQUARE 6
public static final int UP_ARROW 10

public static final short CHILD 4
public static final int CLOSED_ICON 2
public static final short FIRST 0
public static final short LAST 1
public static final int LEAF_ICON 0
public static final short NEXT 2
public static final int OPENED_ICON 1
public static final short PREVIOUS 3
public static final int SELECTED_ICON 3
public static final int TOGGLE_ICON 4
public static final int TOGGLE_SEL_ICON 5

public static final int SERIES_DAY 4
public static final int SERIES_DOUBLE 3
public static final int SERIES_INTEGER 1
public static final int SERIES_LONG 2
public static final int SERIES_MONTH 5
public static final int SERIES_SAME 0
public static final int SERIES_YEAR 6

public static final int ALTERNATING_ROW_COLOR 2
public static final int AUTO_LABEL_NONE 0
public static final int AUTO_LABEL_START_WITH_0 1
public static final int AUTO_LABEL_START_WITH_1 2
public static final int AUTO_LABEL_START_WITH_A 3
public static final int SELECTION_BY_COLUMN 32
public static final int SELECTION_BY_ROW 16
public static final int SELECTION_FREE 0

public static final int EDIT_CANCELED 3
public static final int EDIT_STARTED 4
public static final int EDIT_STOPPED 6
public static final int EDIT_VALIDATE 5
public static final int POSITION_CHANGED 0
public static final int ROW_EDIT_CANCELED 3
public static final int ROW_MODIFIED 1
public static final int ROW_SAVED 2


public static final int USE_SYSTEM_DAY_OF_WEEK 0

public static final int AFTER 1
public static final int BEFORE 0

public static final short ARRAY 8192
public static final short BOOLEAN 11
public static final short BYTE 2
public static final short DATE 14
public static final short DECIMAL 10
public static final short DOUBLE 8
public static final short EMPTY 0
public static final short ERROR 5
public static final short FLOAT 7
public static final short INTEGER 4
public static final short LONG 6
public static final short NULL 1
public static final short OBJECT 13
public static final short SHORT 3
public static final short STRING 15
public static final short VARIANT 12

public static final String copyright "Copyright 1996-2005 Diamond Edge, Inc."

public static final int AFTER 1
public static final int BEFORE 0

Diamond Control Suite 3.0

Diamond Edge and Diamond Control Suite are trademarks or registered trademarks of Diamond Edge, Inc. Copyright 1999-2005 Diamond Edge, Inc. All Rights Reserved.