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Tutor, The VB to Java Tutor

Learn Java by example! 

Have you ever wanted to ask someone which Java class and method you need to use? Tutor is your personal teacher of how to program in Java based on your knowledge of Visual Basic. Just type in some VB code in the top pane and press the convert button. The corresponding Java code will be displayed in the bottom pane. The best way to learn Java is by using your knowledge of VB.

Tutor uses the same technology used in VB Converter, the award winning VB to Java conversion tool. A Form with all of the basic controls are predefined so converting from a property in VB is very easy and quick. For example, type in the following VB code:

Text1 = Label1
Text1.BackColor = vbRed

And you get the following output in Java:

Text1.setText( Label1.getText() );
Text1.setBackground( Color.red );

Tutor, is also a great reference to help you find the right Java method while you are developing your application in Java. You no longer need to scratch your head trying to guess at what the name of the Java function is. Use Tutor to lookup the function by typing in the VB function. For example: (Note: d is a predefined Date variable and s is a predefined String)

s = FormatDateTime( d, vbLongDate )

And you get the following output in Java:

s = DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.LONG).format( d );

The following is a screen shot of Tutor:


  • Generates Java source from the Visual Basic code in top pane. 
  • Use to learn Java by example.
  • Use as a reference to look up the appropriate Java function based on the VB function or property.
  • Supports standard Visual Basic controls including CheckBox, ComboBox, CommandButton, Frame, HScrollBar, Image, Label, Line, ListBox, Menu, OptionButton, PictureBox, Shape, TextBox, Timer, VScrollBar.
  • Converts 32K of VB code and up to 15 Functions or Subroutines.


  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0 
  • 1 MB disk space

Read the Help File for more details on using Tutor and what controls are supported.

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