Diamond Grid New Features

Version 3.5

Version 3.0

Version 2.0

  • Includes DsLabel and DsDatePicker
  • Cell formatting
  • Default formating properties set on all cells in a column
  • Default formating properties set on all cells in a row
  • Icons in cells
  • Spanning of cells
  • Sorting (click column to sort)
  • Copy/paste
  • Data object for row
  • Alternating background color on rows
  • Multiple columns in row header
  • Spanning in row header
  • Formatting styles in row header
  • Formattingstyles in column header
  • Load data from text, CSV, ResultSet
  • SaveAs text,CSV,HTML
  • ResultSetModel (virtual size)
  • Add any JComponent as a cell
  • Rotate text in a cell or header
  • Printing
  • Search and Replace
  • Background picture and alpha blending
  • Select row by clicking on row header
  • Cell Tips/Scroll Tips
  • Tab Behavior
    • Tabing through cells can be customized by adding a cell or CellRange to tab order
    • Traversal order is in the order added
    • Focus will not be allowed outside of cells that have a tab order
    • Allows a grid to be used as a data input form
  • Automatic data translation
    • ListFormat (uses a list to map between model value and display value(string,Image,etc))
    • ComboBox editor for ListFormat (can be specific to a cell or column)


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