Diamond Grid Tutorial

Diamond Grid is a superset of JTable and as such has added many additional features. This tutorial will explore some of these features and show how easy it is program.

Overview (start here)

Working with Cells

  • Getting the Cell Value
  • Manipulating cells
  • Adding formulas to cells

    Cell Data Types and Formatting

  • Number
  • Currency
  • Percent
  • Date
  • Mask
  • Icon
  • Text and Icon
  • CheckBox
  • ComboBox
  • JComponent (owner-draw / JButton)

    Selection and Working with Blocks of Cells

  • Specifying Cell Ranges
  • Selection and Selected Cell Ranges
  • Selection Policy
  • Spanning
  • Fill Values and Properties
  • Fill Values and Properties and Increment Value
  • Draw a Border around a Group of Cells
  • Copy and Paste

    Working with Rows and Columns

  • Setting Default Properties for a Columns and Rows
  • Alternating Row Colors
  • Sorting
  • Ensure a Row is Visible
  • Row Height
  • Column Width
  • Column Name

    Row and Column Headers

  • Row Header
  • Column Header
  • Column Header Value
  • Column Header Properties
  • Row Header Properties
  • Row Header Spanning

    Loading and Saving Data and TableModels

  • Loading Tab Delimeted Data
  • Loading CSV Data
  • Loading Data from a ResultSet
  • Saving Tab Delimeted Data
  • Saving CSV Data
  • Saving HTML Data
  • Using a TableModel
  • Virtual ResultSet Model


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